Profile: I am a versatile and published model living in Southampton, Hampshire. I have so much passion in what I do! I love a challenge and I am open to new Ideas. I absolutely love shooting art nude but will not pose full frontal. My portfolio shows the level of nudity in which I am comfortable shooting. Please respect these levels as I will not respond to any emails enquiring about higher levels.

Features: Experience and published model, featured in Fast Car Magazine, Peoples magazine, Picture magazine and other smaller features in The Sun, Nuts magazine, Max Power magazine, Performance French Car Magazine and The Daily Sport.


If you are miles away from me and would like to work with me please get in touch. I love to travel. I'm sure we can arrange something.  

Fitness: I am currently learning aerial dancing on silks and hoops and would like to included this into my portfolio. I have a background in pole fitness/ dance and feel I will be up to scratch with aerial poses in no time. If you are a studio owner with such facilities please get in touch. I am also very interested in fitness shoots. I go to the gym 6 days a week and am starting to see some great results.

Body Parts: I have one tattoo on my lower back. This can be easily covered. I have my belly button and ears pierced. All easily removed. I have recently had a breast enlargement and am now roughly a size 32DD. 

Before you all ask me why i did it....

I am 26 and have wanted a breast enlargement since I was at school. The reason I have waited until now is because of my modelling career. Usually girls are the other way around and have them done to enhance their modelling careers. I however have listened to the opinions of many photographers for the last 8 years and have not done it for the sake of photographers not liking them. I am the one who had to look at myself in the mirror on a daily basis, I was still very self concious and very unhappy about my body how it looks in clothes. This was my main reason. Nude my breasts were fine, you can see definition between by breast and torso however there are many styles of clothes that I could not wear because I look so flat chested. That really got me down. I felt it was time to do it for me. 


TonyNutley said...

I've worked with Emma four or five times before, which actually speaks for itself on how highly I rate her. Because of her moving to Australia for a long time it's been a good couple of years since I last photographed her. I realised just how much I'd missed her, she is just so good. I've often said I'd rate her as one of the best if not the best model on the South Coast, I could sit and produce pictures of Emma for hour after hour without getting bored or repeating myself, I am in total awe of her.There's not much more to add she always looks good, her communications are excellent, she always brings a perfect set of clothes, she poses beautifully and is always the perfect professional, I just cannot fault her. If you want to improve your photography work with Emma.